On Questions of Doubt, pt. 6 (More Questions about the Bible), one of the the things we touched on was inspiration meaning that God supervised the wri...View Details

Prayer. If we're honest, prayer is a mixed bag. Sometimes wonderful ... incredible connection with God and God's goodness is poured out. Other times i...View Details

The Bible is central to the christian faith. Can we actually trust it? Isn't the Bible full of errors and mistakes? Has the Bible been edited and chan...View Details

Can I actually trust the Bible? That's a fair and honest question. The bible is an old book. At times it can be an odd book. Or at least a foreign boo...View Details

If God is real and is who the Bible says He is, why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? Often times this question arises when we’re expe...View Details

Does God really exist or is He just a fairy tale?  In this episode, I look some of the reasons I think it's reasonable to believe God exists. There ar...View Details

What is the goal of facing our doubts? Why does that matter?  If we're someone else deal with their doubts, what should our approach be like?  Is fait...View Details

Faith. Doubt.  The apostle Paul reminds us that "we walk by faith, not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7). And sometimes walking by faith is hard. Sometime...View Details

When asked about why he teaches in parables, Jesus says that He teaches in parables "so that while seeing they may see, and not perceive, and while he...View Details

Love one another. Love your enemies. Love your neighbor. Are Christians supposed to love everyone? What about people who are very different than them?...View Details

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