What's the essence of a Jesus centered life? Paul makes a well-known statement in his letter to the Philippians that really gets at the heart of it. H...View Details

We all have things that drive what we do in life.  -we want people to like us -we want to appear competent -we want to get ahead in life -we want to b...View Details

We all have life pursuits of some sort… college, career, sports, hobbies, family.  We might even have dreams, things that if everything worked out, th...View Details

Think of all the different messages you hear everyday ... -so many different news outlets  -articles coming through your social media channels -quotes...View Details

In this episode we reflect on another importance component of living a Jesus centered life. It has to do with where you live or dwell or abide.

  ...View Details

Think about your life …  -what makes up your life? -who are you?  -what matters in life? -where do you get your guidance and instruction for life? -ho...View Details

Jesus Centered, pt. 1

"How can my son keep his life centered on Jesus?" That was what the text said.  Why would she want her son's life to be centered on Jesus? Because she...View Details

How do you know what God is like?  Do we just guess?  Hope we get it right?  Give up concluding we could never know? In this episode, I offer another ...View Details

The "Christmas story" of Jesus' birth reminds us that God isn't an ivory tower God. He isn't one who keeps away from the peasants up in His luxurious ...View Details

What is the key to a life of peace and joy?  In this episode I offer a simple reflection on how I would answer that question.    Want to get more out ...View Details

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