Redeem Your Time; Reframe Your Tasks. This is something disciples of Jesus must learn to do, but it's not as obvious as others. God has a different vi...View Details

Re-socializing, pt. 3 In this episode, John looks at what Colossians 3 teaches us about re-socializing in general and then he focuses on one area wher...View Details

In this episode, I encourage followers of Jesus to think about the behavioral commands of the New Testament in terms of re-socializing in the soft sen...View Details

"I never thought of reading Philippians as a letter before!" said one guy after church.  Twenty-one out of twenty-seven New Testament books are letter...View Details

How To Do Discipleship

How do we do discipleship? The most important truth in answer to that question is this - you don't drift into discipleship. It doesn't happen on accid...View Details

This episode explores several key questions about discipleship:  Are discipleship and evangelism the same thing? When does discipleship begin? Discipl...View Details

When it comes learning how to do something, showing is more helpful than just telling.  And that’s just as true of discipleship as anything else. The ...View Details

What are the main components of being a disciple of Jesus? That is, if you had to boil it down to the main ingredients… what are they? In this episode...View Details

In Luke 9:57-62, Jesus challenges would-be disciples in shocking ways. In doing so, he highlights for us a fundamental requirement of being a disciple...View Details

In this episode, I focus on this question: What is the goal of discipleship? How do you know if you are a disciple? How do you know when you're a full...View Details

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